Citizen-Generated Health Data

– How citizen-generated data can become a more active part of the healthcare landscape

The possibilities for collecting and using citizen-generated data are diverse today, yet this type of data plays a tiny role in diagnostics and patient care. But why and what can we do to change it?

Most citizens have a smartphone, which continuously collects health-related data. In addition, many companies offer medical devices for automatic measurement and collection of clinical measures through, e.g. home monitoring. Still, many barriers mean that the healthcare system today does not utilize the technological possibilities in the area.

In this session, we bring together representatives from the healthcare system, companies, researchers, and authorities to discuss what the future looks like for the use of citizen-generated data in the Danish healthcare system.

(This program is in Danish)


9.00 Welcome by Morten Givskud, Project manager, Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation

9.15 Introduction of speakers for the panel

  • Bjarne Dahler-Eriksen, medical director, Odense University Hospital
  • Laura Duus Dahlin, political consultant, Dansk Erhverv
  • Thomas Schmidt, lecturer, PhD, Health Informatics and Technology, University of Southern Denmark
  • Johanne Flowers Parning, teamleder, seniorkonsulent, Center for Sundhedsinnovation (SINO), Danske Regioner

9.45 Panel discussion: How can citizen-generated data play a more significant role in healthcare?

Through several themes and issues, the panel discusses how citizen-generated data can create more excellent value in the healthcare system, both in individual patient processes and greater healthcare efforts. The audience will also have the opportunity to submit questions and topics for discussion during the session.

11.10 Recap, and thanks for today

Time & place

Friday 11. November
The canteen (main building)

Arranged by

Center for Innovativ Medicinsk Teknologi (CIMT), v/Syddansk Universitet (SDU) og Odense Universitetshospital (OUH)
Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation


Lea Bohn
T: +45 5164 0948

Meet the speakers

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