When innovation requires scale 

There is potential for public actors to demand new solutions jointly. Hear how they work with collaborative processes in Norway and learn how to create scale in innovation in Denmark.

The major societal problems call for new solutions, and there are great perspectives on combining the public sector’s demand with the private sector’s development power.

But some challenges require such significant investments that it requires coordination of demand and dialogue with the market.

Come and hear CO-PI’s suggestions on how. Hear how you can work with collaborative processes across Norway and participate in a workshop about scaling public procurement.

(This event is in Norwegian and Danish)


12:30-12:50 Introduction to the scaling process

When major societal problems call for new approaches and forms of cooperation. The public procurement muscle must be used to create changes in the market. Public procurement can drive the development of a business area.

Presentation by CO-PI, Johannes Leidesdorff, Rikke Thorlund Haahr and Anne Marie Berg

12:50-13:30 Presentation on the scaling process

How have collaborative processes been used to create innovation in the health field in Norway? Based on good experiences from cooperation across the public sector in Norway, we dive into what we in Denmark can learn from our neighbours.

Presentation by Riche Vestby, Leverandørutviklingsprogrammet, Norway

(The presentation will be in Norwegian)

13:30-14:00 BREAK – We move chairs and spread carpets on the floor

14:00-15:00 Workshop

CO-PI takes you through the scaling process in practice. We get the scaling process under the skin. How do we use the inspiration from Norway in a Danish context?

Presentation by CO-PI, Johannes Leidesdorff, Rikke Thorlund Haahr and Anne Marie Berg

Time & place

Friday 11. November
The 'Innovatorium' - 1st floor

Arranged by

CO-PI (Center for Offentlig-Privat Innovation)


Anne Marie Berg, amb@co-pi.dk

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