Excellent living environments

– How do we create healthy, age-friendly and sustainable living environments?

We need to solve the challenges coming from a growing elderly population and pressure on the healthcare and social care systems across Europe. One way to do that is by looking at our living environments and making sure to create buildings and homes that act as a part of the solution to the before mentioned challenge.

Part of the solution could be living environments with a high level of adaptability; thus people can stay in their own homes for a longer period in their senior years. Another contribution to the solution is starting to integrate welfare and health technologies in new houses and buildings or add them to already existing buildings. A third way our living environments can support health and age-friendliness is by enhancing the quality of life, supporting social life, and limit loneliness.

In this afternoon program at WHINN, we will explore different perspectives of excellent living environments.

This event is in English.


13:30 — 13:40 Welcome
by Nanna Broch Mortensen, Project Manager, Danish Life Science Cluster and project partner in EXCELIVING

13:40 — 14:05 The Senior City of the future
by Anne Seneca Terkelsen, PhD student, The Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, Southern University of Denmark

Based in a newly established senior city in Esbjerg municipality, Anne Seneca Terkelsen is researching how to promote the health and well-being of the elderly, among other things, through co-creation with the elderly. The project is expected to be completed in mid-2024, and Anne gives an introduction to the project’s purpose and format and to the most important preliminary results.

14:05 — 14:35 The home as your future well-being arena
by Peter Julius, CEO and Partner, Public Intelligence

Public Intelligence has many years of experience in creating new innovative welfare solutions. Hear Peter’s perspective on creating a future-proof home with technology and learn about new trends within the field.

14:35 — 14:45 Break

14:45 — 15:10 ACTIVAS Project
by Pedro Duarte Meira, CEO & Researcher, Kentra Technologies

The Portuguese project, ACTIVAS, has explored solutions that promote a new concept of evolutionary living environments, which transform and adapt, accompanying all stages of life.

15:10 — 15:40 DemensX: Future Housing for people with dementia
by Christian Karlsson, Partner and Architect, Karlsson Architects

DemensX is an interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, designers and clinicians with a common desire to create better environments and homes for people with dementia. In this presentation you will hear about future housing for people with dementia, and how to integrate with the local community.

15:40 — 16:00 Networking session

16:00 End of session 


Time & place

Wednesday 8. November
Healthcare Denmark

Arranged by

Danish Life Science Cluster / Exceliving Project


Nanna Broch Mortensen,
Project Manager
Danish Life Science Cluster
T: +45 2880 0096
E: namo@danishlifesciencecluster.dk
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