Multimorbidity – Creating patient centered solutions (DK)

How do we solve the challenge of multimorbidity, so that patients receive coherent and effective courses?

In line with increasing life expectancy and options for treatment in our healthcare system, the proportion of multimorbidity is increasing. Almost half of the Danish population today suffers from two or more chronic diseases.

At the same time, today there are few solutions to the challenge it is for patients to live with multiple diagnoses, treatments, and medication courses.

How do we get health data from hospitals and patients integrated
– and what is needed for us to succeed with coherent and effective treatment processes?

Join us when patients, companies, and healthcare professionals discuss solutions and give their suggestions that speak to the patient’s needs.


9.30-10.00 KEYNOTE: What do we do about multimorbidity in Denmark?

– What is multimorbidity and why is it such a big problem? What solutions do we know about? Hear Denmark’s leading researcher and head of the Center for Multimorbidity tell what she sees as the biggest challenges.

V/Anne Frølich, clinical professor and head of the Knowledge and Research Center for Multimorbidity and Chronic Disease, Slagelse Hospital, Region Zealand

10.00-10.20 Disease clusters in the Danish population based on registered data

– Almost 1.2 million Danes suffer from two or more chronic diseases – also called multimorbidity. But who are the multimorbidity patients really?

V/Anders Stockmarr, lecturer, Compute, Technical University of Denmark

10.30-11.00 Multimorbidity makes life more difficult: What is it like to be a multimorbidity patient?

– Vagn Mortensen has multiple illnesses and experiences a very complex healthcare system where there is no time for him. Hear Vagn’s own account of how he experiences having to be responsible for his diagnoses and treatment across them.

V/Vagn Mortensen, multimorbidity patient with 13 diagnoses

11.15 –12.00 How do we create coherent patient processes?

– How do we create coherent transitions between departments and upon discharge and prevent unnecessary readmissions? How do we ensure that important patient information is taken with us when patients are moved from hospitals to municipal residences or their own homes?

V/Connie Berthelsen, PhD, research leader, Zealand University Hospital, Medical Department Køge, associate professor, University of Southern Denmark and IQVIA, partner on the project: Bridging Safe Elderly Care (TBC)

13.30-14.30 Live simulation: How do we bring the patients’ resources into play?

– What happens when patients have the opportunity to report data as part of their treatment process? With the patient at the center, we play out two scenarios where the patient himself reports data via an app that helps monitor the patient’s condition and detect life-threatening changes in time, or prevent unnecessary transport to the hospital.

Next, we set up a debate on how patients, doctors, and relatives can help create better treatment processes through digital solutions.

  • Thomas Lethenborg, CEO, Monsenso
  • Trine Rolighed Thomsen, PhD, project manager for health technology, Technological Institute, associate professor Aalborg University
  • Frederik Mølgaard Thayssen, senior project manager, PhaseV, Alexandra Institute

14.45-16.00 Debate: The multimorbidity of the future

– How do we create future solutions between companies, patients, municipalities, and hospitals? Patients, healthcare professionals, companies, and researchers come up with their offers on the main challenges and solutions

  • Anne Frølich, professor, University of Copenhagen and senior physician at the Center for Multimorbidity and Chronic Disease
  • Vagn Mortensen, multimorbidity patient
  • Connie Berthelsen, PhD, Head of Research, Zealand University Hospital, Medical Department Køge, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Thomas Lethenborg, CEO, Monsenso
  • Marcus Lantz, PhD, postdoc, Artificial Intelligence and Datafied Communication (AIDa), Roskilde University

We end the day with the launch of the new Innovation Network for Multimorbidity.

Time & place

Wednesday 8. November

Arranged by

RUC - Roskilde University


Lise Philipsen, Specialkonsulent,
T: +45 4089 3706,
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