State of play of AI in the healthcare sector

Where does the work on AI solutions for the healthcare sector stand right now? What experiences have we gained, what are the barriers to progress, and how do we overcome them?

At this event, RAIN and Danish Life Science Cluster are inviting a diverse range of individuals who are working in their own unique ways to develop AI solutions for the healthcare sector.

You will have the opportunity to move around and be introduced to various projects and different perspectives on the work with AI in healthcare. Moreover, you will be invited to engage in dialogue along the way.

This event is in Danish.

9:30 Welcome

  • RAIN – Network for AI in Healthcare by Southern Denmark Health Innovation, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Network for Data-Driven Digitization of Healthcare by Danish Life Science Cluster

09.40 Introduction: Journey towards AI-supported digital pathology

Niels Marcussen, Professor and Chief Pathologist, South Jutland Hospital and Member of the Region of Southern Denmark’s AI Steering Group.

10:00 Pitch of five cases:

  •  MDR Regulation and CE Marking in Practice

Taus Holtug, Co-founder and CEO at

One in four of us has or is developing chronic liver disease without knowing it. has developed an AI-based diagnostic tool for the primary sector. The solution, derived from extensive clinical research, aids in early detection and support for chronic liver disease. CEO and Co-founder of, Taus Holtug, will talk about the AI solution and their efforts to obtain CE marking.

Brian Hedegaard, CEO and Principal Advisor at consulting firm Probatus.

Processes and activities ensuring compliance with MDR regulation are a requirement for obtaining CE marking. But how does one balance this against resource constraints and the need for agility?

CEO of consulting firm Probatus, Brian Hedegaard, will provide his perspective, based on his deep insight into regulatory requirements and his many years of experience advising companies in this area.

  • Infrastructure, Solution, and Implementation of AI in Healthcare

Henrik Johansen, Special Consultant in the Region of Southern Denmark’s cross-cutting AI unit.

In 2022, the Region of Southern Denmark established a dedicated AI unit spanning IT support and hospitals, investing in strengthening the infrastructure for AI solutions.

Special Consultant and IT architect, Henrik Johansen, will give us insight into the work and visions of the AI unit for the future AI infrastructure.

Marianne Johansson Jørgensen, Research Leader at the Regional Hospital Horsens

Sepsis is common among hospitalized patients and a significant economic burden on society. +Priokritisk is an AI-based decision support tool developed based on Cross Track data, which can detect clinical deterioration among hospitalized patients.

Experience Research Leader from Regional Hospital Horsens, Marianne Johansson Jørgensen, talks about how the solution can assist clinicians and ensure better patient care.

Michael Werenberg Mikkelsen, Head of Health IT at Aarhus University Hospital

One thing is the technical development and procurement of AI health solutions for clinical use in a hospital. Another thing is ensuring that the technology is implemented in practice in a way that addresses the identified issues.

Michael Werenberg Mikkelsen works at Aarhus University Hospital to ensure, for example, that labor-saving health technologies are implemented in ways that deliver the sought-after value for employees and patients.

10:30 Dialogue with speakers in groups

10:50 Break

11:05 Continued dialogue with speakers – groups switch

11:25 Panel Discussion

Moderator: Frederik Mølgaard Thayssen, Principal Project Manager, Alexandra Institute

  • Marie Paldam Folker, Head of the Center for Digital Psychiatry and member of the government’s structural commission
  • Lars Bech-Jørgensen, Head of Future Healthcare in DI Life Science
  • Anja Lund, member of the regional council, Region of Southern Denmark

12:00 Thank you and lunch


Time & place

Canteen, Main building

Arranged by

RAIN Network and Danish Life Science Cluster


Anne Hagelskjær Skovlund
Special consultant
Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark
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