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– We must educate for the close and virtual healthcare system of the future

How do we ensure that health education can keep up with technological developments and train professionals for a more close and virtual healthcare system?

What disciplines does the healthcare system of the future call for, and are the educational institutions equipped for the demands of the future?

Recruiting the right employees in the healthcare system is a crucial factor in ensuring a sustainable and future-proof world-class healthcare system.

But if health education is to educate for the future, they need to know a little about what the future will bring. The arrow points to more home care solutions and more technology to support virtual treatment pathways.

The question is who will take care of which tasks in the close and virtual healthcare system of the future:

What new demands can be made of e.g., the nurse and the doctor, and what other professional competencies can be advantageously included when health technologies are to be integrated into the patient’s home?

At this network meeting, we take a look into the crystal ball and try to outline what kind of reality the healthcare system is entering.

We draw the lines for a close and virtual healthcare system and try to find answers to the questions:

  1. What disciplines do the close and virtual healthcare system of the future call for? Are the health education programs equipped for the future demands on the healthcare system?
  2. What good experiences should we build on?

This event is in Danish.


Time & place

Thursday 9. November
Healthcare Denmark

Arranged by

Fiers – Life Science Innovation, Region Sjælland and Danish Life Science Cluster


Morten Larsen
Project manager
Danish Life Science Cluster
T.: +45 4022 8376

Lotte Kappel
Community Manager
Danish Life Science Cluster
T.: +45 2346 3260

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